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About Celine

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Celine Daemen is a director who combines a great passion for opera with an outspoken love for Virtual Reality (VR). After her education at the Toneelacademie Maastricht, she made the first steps towards creating her own signature in various productions in which immersion (immersion) in both music and in a virtual environment formed the common thread. She sees herself as a maker of 'transdisciplinary work', in which the combined disciplines lead to a new medium. Where VR often focuses on recreating the real world (as if you are really in the Rijksmuseum or on the Grand Canyon), Celine wants to imagine new worlds and use the infinite potential of VR to turn the viewer's view inward.


Thematically, questions about 'being' are central, with an emphasis on inner reality in all its manifestations: the intuition, the imagination and the so-called 'madness'. In her project De Opera van de Vallende Mens (2018), for example, Celine looked for poetry within madness and viewed melancholy as a hopeful source of insight into existence. The journey inwards takes the viewer into an area where new associations arise and new layers of humanity are touched.  

Celine graduated in 2018 from the directing course of the Maastricht Theater Academy. In the same year she received the Hustinx Stimulation Prize for her first VR opera 'The Opera of the Falling Man'.

In 2021 Celine was honored for the New Makers Scheme of the Performing Arts Fund. The scheme is intended for starting talent and gives makers the opportunity to develop themselves during a two-year trajectory in collaboration with companies, stages or festivals. With Silbersee, production house for unorthodox opera and music theatre, as main partner, Celine makes two productions and continues to develop as a maker.