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a descent into infinity

For centuries we have mused about the infinity of our soul, which after death leaves our body behind as a temporary shell and continuesly wanders, reincarnates or enjoys eternal life in a heaven. Recently, a new faith has been added: by means of artificial intelligence we would be able to upload our minds. Beliefs that are often based on the contradiction between the deceptive material world and a higher eternal reality in which we rest. 
Eurydice, a descent into infinity is a Virtual Reality opera in which you, as a spectator, submerge yourself in an immersive experience. A hypnotic and individual journey, inspired by the ancient myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. A battle between matter and eternity, in which time fades and the laws of space become obsolete. 'Where do you belong? Between wandering, disembodied souls or with your feet in the clay?' 
Director and transdisciplinary theater maker Celine Daemen challenges you to put on VR glasses and get lost in an endless maze of corridors, ruins and balustrades,  behind which dizzying depths and vistas open up. Your curiosity is the best compass in this fascinating interspace full of VR, poetry, and enchanting music.


This VR opera is being developed within the New Makers scheme of the Performing Arts Fund in collaboration with Silbersee and VIA ZUID.


Concept and direction: Celine Daemen // Composition: Kate Moore // Sound design: Wouter Snoei // Virtual Art Direction: Aron Fels // Libretto: Charlotte van den Broeck // Vocals: Sterre Rabbit // Design of physical space: Scott Robin Jun // Modeling assets: Yannick Verweij // Assistant VR design: Eline Oppewal and Tommy Jansen // Technical development: Malou Minkjan and Rick Hulzinga // Translation subtitles: David McKay

Production: Silbersee // Project management: Jan Van den Bossche // Musical dramaturgy: Romain Bischoff // Business direction: Katrien Sitters // Executive producer: Dominique Slegers // Assistant production, tour manager and host: Isha Plug // PR: Imke van Herk
  // Sales: Jimmy-Pierre de Graaf // Co-production: VIA ZUID 

Thanks to coaches: Jan Van den Bossche (dramaturgy and communication), Guido Jansen (dramaturgy), Yannis Kyriakides (music), Ravian van den Hil (context), Elke Müller (philosophy), Toffey (marketing)


Made possible in part by: Fonds Podiumkunsten, Grensverleggers, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Prince Bernard Cultuurfonds, Janivo Stichting, Brand Cultuurfonds


Eurydice will premiere in late summer 2022. The tourdates will be announced shortly. You can stay informed by subscribing to the newsletter at the bottom of this page.